Teamwork, simply stated, less me and more we.

Our approach have been to build a network of trusted partners over the years. Conservation comes back to human relationships with each other, nature and finding a working synergy.

Having reliable partners in projects where you work in high pressure situations, with endangered species and always against the clock, the best individuals working together in a team environment, has the biggest chance of success.

From our trusted helicopter pilot Gerry to his eye-in-the sky brother Bruce, keeping a wider lookout from the fixed wing aircraft, to dedicated Veterinarians and conservationists on the ground, the wellbeing of endangered species, comes down to the collective team.

Our various partners assisting with donor funding and goods delivery on the ground plays and equally vital role, allowing us the opportunity to take on the magnitude of projects currently support.

 Our donors are the Custodians of Hope.

The last big partner to our team is Tourism, an opportunity for the everyday person to experience extraordinary events alongside their guided safari. Travel with Purpose, a responsible give back to nature and those who fight to protect it.

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