Nkombe Rhino was founded during the height of the rhino wars, and while they are still going today, our commitment and impact has grown.

At the time of inception, rhinos where walking around with targets on their back (nose rather) and we wanted to play an active part in protecting what we see as our heritage.

Fast forward a few years and we’ve diversified to supporting projects focussing on other endangered species also, but our aim hasn’t changed on rhinos.

We believe that through the support and protection of rhino populations with Anti Poaching units, dehorning projects, detection and tracking dogs, patrol and reaction flights, better equipped entrance control and many other tools in rhino conservation, that the other protected or endangered species on reserves benefit equally.

Over the years we have supported rhino conservation on many reserves through a variety of projects, ranging from supplying APU equipment, sometimes as little as a few 2 man tents for foot patrol or a GPS unit, to building an Anti Poaching camp, rhino relocation projects and dehorning projects.

Our mission is to build lasting relationships with reserves to ensure effective partnerships, cutting out time spent on debating and rather focussing on implemention.


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