Tourism has been one of our best partners over the years.

The opportunity to share Southern Africa with safari guests and show them what it actually takes to protect the wildlife that they would see on an afternoon game drive, is the best case scenario, knowing what their input affords species on the ground.

When you Travel through Nkombe Rhino, we focus on showing you real Africa, sharing high-end comfort, coupled with real life experiences.

Empowering our guests to find their soft spot during a visit, engaging with our community partners, educating guests on socio-economic issues in Southern Africa and creating a portal for support.

Conservation is only impactful if it its sustainable, that is what tourism brings to conservation, longevity.

Our aim for a post Covid19 world is to ensure that our guests are the ones who travel with impact, for change and with purpose.

We have grown to have various options of impactful travel, ensuring we can provide something for everyone.

Our aim through travel is to give everyone the opportunity to experience what Africa has to offer, not only the exclusive guests.

From expedition travel to cross border projects in Botswana to high end luxury travel in the Greater Kruger, we work with guests on a personal level, ensuring a true experience of authentic Africa.

Through our own tented lodge, located in the Greater Kruger Park area, we offer an immersive experience, mixing conservation, safari and community, ensuring an informative, comfortable and life changing experience.

Please Contact us to enquire about your future safari travel plans.


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