Wild Dogs 

A Wild Dog or Painted Wolf, is one of Africa’s most endangered carnivores.

Unlike most other species, they have massive home ranges, spanning many hundreds of kilometres.

Reserve fences are not an obstacle for them, they can move through these as they please, putting them in harms way by crossing national roads, getting in touch with feral dogs and often straying onto farms where they aren’t “welcome”.

*Wild Dogs, being the successful hunters that they are, can cause lots of damage to farmers with game breeding camps and other valuable antelope species.

Through working with partners on the ground, we have been able to contribute to the protection of various packs of Wild Dogs, by exposing our Safari guests to collaring or relocation projects, we have been able to further supply the needed funding and resources to keep these projects running. 

The experience value, alongside the educational impact, has proven to be a game changer and powerful partnering.

Please Contact Us should you wish to contribute towards Wild Dog conservation or want to book a Safari with Wild Dog conservation as part of your itinerary.


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