Nkombe Rhino is a South African Non Profit organisation that focuses on the protection of endangered species.

Our focus started on the frontline protection of Rhinos in the early 2000’s and has since branched out to various other endangered and threatened species.

By supporting conservation on the ground, from Anti poaching units to veterinarians and helicopter pilots, the knock on effect has been a positive contribution to the survival of many protected species.


Our aim is to pool resources through sustainable partnerships to better impact the conservation realm as a collective unit of like-minded organisations.

A growing support over the last few years has been the power of tourism, form educating and sharing with overseas based guests, the impact of the more superior exchange rates have helped us grow exponentially.

Join our movement and become a “Custodian of Hope” for the future of conservation in South Africa, Africa and around the world.

Nkombe Rhino is a registered NPO in South AfricaReg no : 2015/343287/08

PBO No. 930052578

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