Water For Elephants 

Water For Elephants is our cross border Elephant project in Botswana.With human-wildlife conflict always looming as this scarce commodity becomes even more of an issue due to the already arid area, coupled with changing weather patterns.Competition for water creates pressure on both Humans and Wildlife, as this is the key to life on these dry plains of Botswana.To mitigate these problems, Nkombe Rhino has partnered with the Water For Elephants trust to supply water to Elephants in areas with sufficient food and space.Through the refurbishment of old boreholes on large concessions away from humans, we have been able to create sustainable water supply to elephants, allowing them a Human free option.Water is pumped from the boreholes, to a natural pan (that might be dry), creating a viable water source to the Elephants as they would have known it from years before.Currently there are 7 operational water holes supplying enough water for around 20 elephants per hour, 480 per day and around 3000 in total.This compound impact allows us to supply conflict-free water to a large population of roaming elephants in Botswana.

Please Contact Us to discuss the options of visiting these water holes as part of an expedition style safari to support the running cost of this project.


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